Gresley statue without mallard a ‘vanity project’ for old boys’ network

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Responses, on Facebook, to the Gresley Society’s latest statue pronouncement have, amongst other things, called into question the Society’s motivation for persisting with their plans in direct opposition to public opinion.

As one commenter puts it:

Why do I now have the impression this is a vanity project rather than a monument which introduces people to a great man?

Others talk of an old boys’ network that places no value on the opinions of those outside it (indeed, the Chairman has more or less said as much).

However, disregarding public opinion may be a risky strategy, says another commenter, as it contravenes Charity Law:

[It] actually invalidates the Society’s charitable status where ‘education charities’ such as the Gresley trust can only be charities by virtue of the educational responsibilities.




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