The mallard is an iconic ‘must’ for Sir Nigel Gresley’s statue

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The petition to reinstate the mallard on the planned statue of Sir Nigel Gresley at King’s Cross station is fast approaching 1,500 signatures. There are some excellent comments on the petition too; here is a selection from the past week:Paddington

“Kings Cross Station is an appropriate home for the loco Mallard and a place appropriate to honour Sir Nigel.

What have the grandsons contributed to the statue?!!??!??!

If we can have a children’s character at Paddington Station (Paddington Bear), what is wrong with having a duck at Sir Nigel’s feet?

It was likely that his inspiration for the locos came while he was in the peaceful surroundings feeding the ducks!”

There was even a Paddington Trail of statues of the bear…

“The Mallard is a brilliant idea as it draws attention to the statue and will be something appreciated by future generations. The other ‘Mallard’ was undoubtedly Gresley’s greatest design.”


SP-Statue-wall-front-view“The mallard is an iconic must for those ‘in the know’, and will raise an enquiry from those, especially children, who don’t !!”


“The money was raised with the Mallard in place, and the Mallard will make the statute more appealing”


“Mallard represents the pinnacle of Gresleys work after Flying Scotsman and will enhance what would be just another statue of a famous person to be walked past and ignored by many of the younger generation.”

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