No mallard for the unveiling, but there’s good news

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veiledWith the unveiling of Sir Nigel Gresley’s statue today (5th April) at 11am, without the mallard, this seems an appropriate time to thank supporters for their interest and support in the campaign to ‘save Gresley’s duck.’

Whilst it’s not the statue we all hoped for, we understand Gresley Society members are at last to be asked for their views on the mallard, and so there is a chance it could yet be installed alongside Sir Nigel at a later stage.

This would not have happened without our calls for a change of heart in the Gresley Society trustees. We are hopeful too that some new, pro-mallard, trustees will shortly be co-opted onto the Society’s ruling Council, albeit some 4 months after the AGM when their nominations were inexplicably rejected.

As soon as the details of the consultation of members are announced formally, I propose to close the petition and present it to Council to inform their deliberations.

n2 duck 3The bronze Sir Nigel Gresley is now in place on the Western Concourse at Kings Cross (photo by Robin Simpson), under wraps and awaiting the arrival of the Society’s locomotive Class N2 No.1744 in light steam (pictured) at Platform 8, accompanied by Gresley Restaurant Carriage No.7960.

Doubtless this is a fine sculpture, and I am sure we would all wish to congratulate the sculptor, Hazel Reeves, on her achievement, and hope the day is a fitting celebration of her work, and of course, of the great man, Sir Nigel Gresley himself.


3 thoughts on “No mallard for the unveiling, but there’s good news

  1. Yeah I only just saw this some time last month (I think it was on the BBC, like John) and signed immediately as well as emailing the gresley society.

    no reply, surprise surprise…

    Can’t decide whether I agree with keeping it open or not but just chiming in with another voice to let you know there are definitely more people becoming aware even this late in the game

  2. Ducks . . . and now Handbags?

    From the Telegraph webpage 10 April. “Baroness Thatcher’s daughter has blocked a £300,000 statue of her mother: reportedly ‘because the sculptor omitted the late prime minister’s famous handbag’.
    A public appeal raised funds for an artwork of the Iron Lady and it was due to be erected on a prominent site outside Parliament.
    The Trust which commissioned the sculpture has admitted Miss Thatcher is “upset” about the lack of a handbag – but has insisted it will fight on to secure permission for the tribute to be exhibited.
    Ivan Saxton, the co-founder of the Public Memorials Appeal Trust which raised the funds, told The Mail on Sunday (*): “There was talk that she didn’t like it because it isn’t made of iron, but she doesn’t mind that it’s not made of iron. Carol’s upset that there’s no handbag. The statue will go up – there’s no doubt about that.”
    (* Slightly surprised that one newspaper is quoting another, but that’s what The Telegraph said,)
    Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, has said he will only approve a site for the statue if it has the Thatcher family’s full backing. But Saxton says ‘The law is not on Boris Johnson’s side – there is no law that says the family must give their approval. That’s _his_ law.2

    The name of the sculptor has not been revealed. (End of quote)
    While I’m sure Hazel Reeves – who as others have rightly said comes out of the ‘Duck’ fiasco with absolutely no criticism – would I’m sure make a superb statue of Mrs. T – with or without handbag – I would hardly wish her a second round of controversy, even when she would personally bear no responsibility.)

  3. Please don’t close the petition yet. I came across this story new from its BBC coverage, and strongly support your campaign. I’ve signed it, and many other may still do so.

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