Sir Nigel’s legacy: not safe in the hands of the Gresley Society?

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Is the great LNER locomotive engineer’s legacy safe in the Gresley Society’s hands? asks David Wilcock in the August issue of Steam Railway. His no-holds-barred analysis of the Society’s handling of the statue debacle rather suggests the answer is “no”.

Here’s an extract (see also this):

Resignations, a petition, and widespread indignation – but the protests over the Gresley Society’s decision to scrap the mallard from a new statue of Sir Nigel Gresley – at the behest of his two grandsons – appear to have washed over the Society’s elders like water off a duck’s back.

Until last November, the concept of a statue of Sir Nigel with the mallard at his feet enjoyed the unanimous and enthusiastic support of all 11 members of the Gresley Society Trust council. But as a direct result of pressure from the Godfrey brothers, the Society’s trustees voted (effectively by eight to three) to chop the mallard from the statue.

Society Chairman David McIntosh admitted: “When it comes to a decision between a duck and the friendship of Sir Nigel’s nearest living relatives, there is no contest. Harmony is more important than dedication to a minor issue.”sng and 7

2 thoughts on “Sir Nigel’s legacy: not safe in the hands of the Gresley Society?

  1. I fear it is only McIntosh who is interested in ” the friendship of Sir Nigel’s nearest living relatives”. Tim Godfrey certainly appears to be someone who would go to the opening of an envelope the way appears whenever anything built by Sir Nigel is restored or rebuilt.

    If the estranging of the Godfreys is the price we have to pay for inclusion of the duck (which will interest FAR more people than just an ordinary statue) then so be it!

    Perhaps it would be better if McIntosh did the decent thing and fell on his sword!

  2. Maybe some young prospective engineers will glance at sir nigels statue and walk on, with a mallard at his heels they are more likely to stop and find out more

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